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A picture book that's not just for kids but also by kids

Introducing You Can!

As the young contributors, we want to introduce you to You Can!, a very special picture book, full of advice, inspiration and hope.  


But what makes it really special is that the text comes straight from children and young people (including us - the kids in charge of this website!) sharing the kind of advice that they wished they had known when they were younger.  This really is kids empowering kids.


Our messages were brought to life by author Alexandra Strick and illustrator Steve Antony. It is published in the UK by Otter-Barry Books, October 2021 and in the USA by Candlewick Press in October 2022.


You Can is one of those rare children's books that is actually relevant to everyone, whoever they are and whatever their age.

This website tells you all about it, who created it, where to buy it, how kids can share their own ideas, messages and artwork inspired by the book.

PS This website was created by kids too.


Why is You Can so important?
A young contributor's view

As the main creator of this website, and one of the team of kids involved in You Can I want to tell you why it's important to me.  I think it's important children know they can be what ever they want to be when they can grow up.  Nobody has the right to stop them from having big dreams and hopefully achieving their dreams. Also everybody deserves to know that they are good enough as they are and that they can make mistakes too. This is an important message but it is written and illustrated in such a way that it's so easy for young minds to understand; this may be because children gave the messages and edited it to how they think it should be!   I really love that the messages in the book are from children themselves, as almost all children's books are by adults.  I am really glad that I was given the chance to give my opinions and ideas in this book and I know the other children were too.  I hope loads more children get to feel the same way that I feel about You Can and to enjoy its messages.  Everybody deserves a copy of You Can.  In summary, I would say:

You Can gives kids a voice and helps change minds

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