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The latest NEWS on 'YOU CAN' and its team of creators

Announcement from the author, illustrator and publisher (15 November 2022)


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London book fair

Hello! One of the Young Contributors here. Alex recently went to London Book Fair not to do a talk or to sell You Can but to just enjoy herself.  We were at school but we hear it was brilliant.  Can we go next year please?


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The team behind You Can! is delighted with the reception this very special book has received - and continues to receive.  


The 14 characters have enchanted many audiences already, in the UK and now the USA and Italy.  Adults and children alike have embraced the ethos of the book, and the unique way it was developed to involve and empower children from start to finish.  In every media interview, visit to a school, bookshop or library, one of the first questions is whether there will be the possible another book. 


We are now thrilled to announce that a second book will indeed follow. 


Children themselves will once again be at the heart of the and many young contributors are currently working hard to create the text and plan the pictures for this exciting new book in the 'YOU CAN' family. 

We Can! will share real children’s views on the kind of world they want to live in and how we can all play a part in creating that world.  The book will be published in 2024.


More news soon on what to expect from this second book.  In the meantime, we are delighted to announce that one lucky child has won the chance to join the cast of characters pictured in the book.  You can see the first reveal of the new front cover and to find out more  here.

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