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You Can is not really by grown-ups - oh no!  You see, us children actually at least did as much as the adults did - if not more (that may be pushing it a bit) but lots of kids (who are officially called the young contributors) did their bit. Whether it was sharing an important message to help form the text, giving comments on the pictures or choosing the front cover, many kids took time out of their life to help with the You Can book. In fact this whole website was even made by a child (one of the young contributors who helped with the book).  Above this text you can see a picture by Steve of some of the children that worked and helped on a zoom call.  And in the photo you can see some of the many young contributors for real, with Alex and Steve. 

get creative

You Can has not only inspired kids to do what they want in life and be themselves but has also inspired them to get creative.  We'll be sharing some of their ideas and 'creative responses' to the book on the site very soon. So if You Can has inspired you in any way that you can put down on paper, please snap a picture and send in to us at the email address below and you may find your get creative piece up on the You Can website.  So what are you waiting for  - get creative!




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